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JtRealty: Leaders in Real Estate Sales & Marketing JtRealty Sale Agents and OwnersJTRealty | KW Lakes & Mountains has a commitment to embrace & promote positive change in the real estate industry by staying ahead of the curve in all aspects of selling real estate. We are constantly improving our business model & therefore our lives. With the systems we have in place the environment makes it easy to do business from anywhere: your kid’s soccer game, Starbucks, the office, your den. You choose your lifestyle.

Here are some initiatives that set us apart:

  • Coaching/Mentoring: You are not in this alone. JtRealty will provide you with a mentor who is available to help with marketing, contract issues, training and help you focus on getting the most out of your business. Besides that, JtRealty is a small firm and like a family … all are willing tohelp each other out.

  • Internet advertising: More than 90% of homebuyers begin their home search online and that number is growing. We track & analyze where our sales come from and then choose the best place to invest our marketing dollars. We subsidize your Enhanced Listings on Realtor.com. Aside from the JtRealty site, this is the top real estate site used by consumers today.

  • 3 company websites: JtRealty.com, our main site, and BearfootCreekHomes.com and ConwayLakeHomes.com, our niche sites

  • Social Media for Real Estate Websites Social Media & Blogging: The more effort we put into keeping our material fresh, the better results we see from online leads. Agents are encouraged to blog and establish themselves as the go-to expert in real estate sales. We blog, we win.

  • Search on your iPad to find the latest homes for sale in New Hampshire and MaineiPads: JtRealty promotes the use of iPads for real estate by subsidizing your investment for a new iPad with data plan (or iPhone if you already have an iPad). With the implementation of Dropbox & DocuSign Ink, you can complete transactions using just your iPad. It works for listing presentations and buyer showings, and documents can be signed right on the screen. Our goal is to make the process of buying real estate as quick and easy as buying a latte.

  • Get paid the same day as the closing: When we get paid, you get paid. No waiting.

  • Buyers Guide to Real Estate: JtRealty pays for full page ads in the Buyers Guide that promote you, and differentiates our agents to stand out from the house box ads run by our competitors.

  • Engaging Sales Meetings: Our semi-monthly business meetings offer an educational component with local & regional vendors brought in to speak about their business or service. Meetings are held at new listings, and hosted by the listing agent, who conducts a JtRealty Agent Tour to get valuable feedback on the property to share with the sellers.

  • JtRealty OfficeCutting Edge Office: With our 2013 renovation, we have 2 flat screen TV’s with Apple TV controllers to give our clients big screen viewing of listings. The Client Center keeps prospects at ease in a relaxed living room or conference room setting, to enjoy coffee and peruse properties in a professionally relaxed atmosphere. Instead of traditional offices, we have a gallery of workstations with usb outlets, embracing the open office concept. A color laser printer is available when upscale printed material is necessary. The scanner is programmed to send copies straight to your personal email if you choose.

  • Incentive based bonuses: Several times throughout the year we participate in friendly competition to focus on a particular aspect of the real estate industry. Listing contests, best photography, compelling property remarks, and most buyer agency contracts are just a few examples. Rewards are paid in “JtRealty Company Dollars” and can be used for convention attendance and self-improvement.

  • DropboxDropbox: we provide you with a cloud based file storage program used to store files. With Dropbox you always have access to ALL your files as you can download Dropbox to all your devices: your smartphone, iPad, and PC, and never have the problem of forgetting a file and running to the office for it. This has changed the way we live and work and has eliminated unnecessary driving. You can literally work anywhere! This upgraded company-wide system is supported by JtRealty.

Moving forward, we continue to research and implement change and strive to spring our business forward in leaps and bounds. We encourage and thrive on

agent feedback and suggestions when it comes to new ideas and strategies that can help make “the latte vision” a reality.

Contact us for an initial interview and find out if you’re a good match for our team.