Rock & Ice Climbing

With the spectacular Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges overlooking the town of North Conway, it’s no surprise that the sport of climbing has been a long favored pastime in the Mount Washington Valley. Climbers from around the world come to sample and train on the varied terrain located throughout the valley.And while there are routes to challenge even the best of climbers, novices and first-time climbers will find climbs just right for their abilities too. If you are a climber or just want to give the sport a try, the Mount Washington Valley has all you need to get out climbing.And if you prefer climbing as a spectator sport be sure to find a home with a view of Whitehorse or Cathedral Ledge.


Looking to learn the ropes? Unfamiliar with our local climbing? Go with a local guide.

Complete with route descriptions, weather and bug reports, can give you up to date information on local climbing conditions. Great ice climbing information can be found at You can also find links to local guides and equipment dealers.


Popular Ice Climbing Areas of the Mount Washington Valley

  • Cathedral Ledge
  • Frankenstein Cliff
  • Huntington Ravine
  • Willey’s Slide
  • Champney Falls



Popular Rock Climbing Areas of the Mount Washington Valley

  • Cathedral Ledge
  • Whitehorse Ledge
  • Square Ledge
  • Humphrey’s Ledge
  • The Saco Crag
  • Huntington Ravine, Mt. Washington